November17Today during a meditation, I had a vision of my future self. It looked like this:

A healer by way of my hands
Running, swiftly and with ease, through an old-growth forest
With icy blue eyes and long, flowing, henna red hair
Strength and grace
In a turquoise top and sleek black leggings
Scented with essential oils
The calm in a storm
Adorned with bright silver jewelry, but not too much
Carrying compassion for all sentient beings
Leaving footsteps of kindness

Almost there. I’m so filled with gratitude for my husband, making it possible for me to discover and live my highest passion. It’s almost surreal to me, feeling so loved and supported…. living in the environment that I do…. with a body that, while I still struggle with tendon issues, is fully capable of providing massages or working as a hospice nurse. Those things give me purpose.

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