Fixed My Scale Today

From a Facebook post 2/19/2016:

I stepped on the scale yesterday for the first time in a long time. Despite staying active on a regular basis and strictly eating no sugars or grains since 1/31/15, I’m up in weight. I beat myself up a bit over it and contemplated drastic methods to lose the 10# I would like to be down by the end of April when race season starts. And then the whole thing makes me a little angry. Do I look unhealthy in my profile pic taken a week ago?? Don’t I *feel* strong and capable? And happy?! What about the 7″ of bloated belly that disappeared? And the pants that fit now…

So to the scale I say: You will never again have so much control over my life or my feelings towards myself. I am stronger of mind and body than ever before. I am capable and curvy. Energetic and yet peaceful within. I love my life and who I have become. I will focus on my fitness goals and I will get there by being kind to my amazing body and nourishing it with real foods.

Today I “fixed” the scale once and for all.

IMG_2645 IMG_2648
IMG_2652 IMG_2661