WARNING: May not be suitable for those who are under 18 years of age or squeamish about the human body.

“The great loneliness- like the loneliness a caterpillar endures when she wraps herself in a silky shroud and begins the long transformation from chrysalis to butterfly. It seems we too must go through such a time, when life as we have known it is over- when being a caterpillar feels somehow false and yet we don’t know who we are supposed to become. All we know is that something bigger is calling us to change. And though we must make the journey alone, and even if suffering is our only companion, soon enough we will become a butterfly, soon enough we will taste the rapture of being alive.” – Elizabeth Lesser

Transformations abound on the internet. I want to share with you the 20 year view of my metamorphosis, which was celebrated recently via  a photo shoot with the amazing Pure Poise Photography I cannot recommend it enough! To work with a skilled, comfortable, uplifting photographer is an experience that is absolutely worthwhile in my opinion. It changed the way I see myself. It’s the perfect gift to yourself for achieving a goal! Of course after spending the majority of my life overweight, I have remained self-critical and nit-picky. I don’t think I’m alone in that. Amanda has shown me the truth of my own beauty through her lens.

And don’t think for a minute this transformation is purely physical. My confidence level is at an all-time high! I’ve done the physical work as well as the mental and emotional work! The effects are far greater than what you see on the outside. Years ago I would allow people to repeatedly abuse or control me in many ways that I won’t go in to here. Know that I stand my ground now and I am a much happier person, secure with myself, and happily in a wonderfully supportive marriage. The freedom I have gained to express myself and feel good about who I am makes me want to lift those around me. You deserve to be happy and self-confident, too!!!

Here is my journey in a nutshell (and I’m not done yet!!):

Me in 2000, obese and close to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

2014, 7 years of hardcore cycling, 6 years of mountain bike racing, 4 years strict paleo style diet.

2020, 3 years vegan, added home strength training, couldn’t budge the loose skin!

2020, 12 weeks post-op from Mommy Makeover surgery. You can see the bandage under my breast from a complication that I had.

Click to view this set, which represents my transformation from chrysalis to butterfly 🙂

So you see, change takes time. I feel better in all the ways at 45 than I did at 25!! Also, I am so grateful I was able to proceed with the surgery to remove all of that loose belly skin, repair my separated abdominal muscles, and lift and even out my super floppy, super uneven breasts. Dr. Mel Ortega is who I chose for my surgery, and I am so pleased! It takes 6-12 months for the final results to show, but if this is where I am 3 months in…. well I’d go through it all again in a heartbeat. Zero regrets! More about my surgery here.

Drop a comment or contact me if you have any questions or are in need of support in your transformation. Imagine a world where we inspire one another for the sheer joy of it!