Tranquil Sole Massage, LLC was created from a desire to combine my interest in natural and lasting health, love of life and people, and experience as a Registered Nurse to serve those in the Rhinelander, Wisconsin area.

My background as a nurse, health coach and personal trainer help me to be a well-rounded massage therapist, with a deep understanding of the human body (and obsessed with learning more all the time!)

Read Why I Became A Licensed Massage Therapist

My education includes the following:
Associates Degree in Nursing (currently practicing Hospice RN)
Health Touch School of Massage Graduate (600 hour program)
Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health
Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach
National Council on Strength and Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

I hold professional licensure in the state of Wisconsin:
Registered Nurse #194973-30
Licensed Massage Therapist #14354-146

My continuing education in massage includes:
Sarga Bodywork
Barefoot Masters Ashiatsu Basic & Advanced
Barefoot Masters Fijian Massage
ACE Cupping
Introduction to the History and Practice of Thai Massage
Thai Table Practice Fundamentals, Part 1
The Fundamentals of Massage Cupping

My health journey has filled me with an appreciation of the challenges that will be experienced along the way, as well as an understanding of the support needed.

Me in 2000In 2000, I was a miserable 170 pounds at 5’1″. I had my third baby. Shortly thereafter, my health took a downward spiral. I recall waking up one morning with the sensation of my feet being asleep, which over the course of a few days spread up to my waist. After a battery of tests and weeks of visions of myself wheelchair-bound by the age of 30, I was diagnosed with probable multiple sclerosis and started on daily injectable medications. I was expected to actually be wheelchair bound by age 45 (the sunrise photo is me at 44, and I went for a run on my 45th birthday).

It didn’t take long before I was fed up. I joined a friend for a weight loss challenge and utilized Atkins as well as Tae Bo DVDs to drop 40# in very little time. My MS symptoms disappeared. I quit taking medications.

DriftwoodWhile my journey has been one of ups and downs, including years of racing bikes and years of chronic pain, here I am. Healthy, vibrant, energetic and *happy*. I am 45 and feel better than ever.

Early in 2017, I had a health scare that led me to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. More about that on my blog post here, but here I am in 2020 enjoying the label of “vegan”.

When I began Polaris Holistic Health, my vision was to provide health coaching, personal training and massage therapy. While the background of education required to provide all of those services has helped me to be well-rounded in my business practice, I am narrowing my focus for 2018 to focus on ashiatsu massage. I’m happy to continue posting movement and nutrition information on my social media platforms as well as my blog here, but will no longer be offering health coaching or personal training services.


February 2018