A Bump in The Road

Time for some full disclosure. If you are bothered by open wounds, you may feel free to leave this page. You have been warned! I want to be very open about my experience. I realize this information and the photos aren’t for everyone, but I also know there are many women who need this kind of information.  

I went in to Mommy Makeover surgery in very good health! There were tests prior for basically everything. I’m a fit, active non-smoker with a BMI at the time of 24. The only risk factor I might have would be my age of 45. I have a history of obesity and auto-immune issues.

Mentally, I thought that I was above any complications due to my excellent health. I had a super extended tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast lift and augmentation on 5/20/2020. Everything went just fine. I chose my surgeon carefully. I am well educated about these things as a nurse with operating room experience and also as a health nerd!

Two weeks post-op, my right breast had pain and warmth. I removed the tape dressing and noticed it was looking infected. I contacted my surgeon’s office and they were prompt to call an antibiotic in to my local pharmacy as well as give me care instructions. They really did handle it swiftly.

Two weeks later I felt like it was time to visit the local wound clinic. I’m really glad I did! They were absolutely excellent. They have the high-tech wound care supplies. I continued to visit them weekly for over 2 months. As of this writing on September 14th, 2020, it is days from healing and I’ve decided to handle it on my own from here. I’ve been changing the dressing 1-2x/week as well as the wound nurse doing it 1x/week for all of this time.

Not going to lie, an open wound is kinda painful. I’ve had worse pain, yes but I dreaded packing the wound. It hurt for hours afterwards. I worried about it worsening and having to undergo more surgery.

Now it only hurts a little sometimes and all worry is gone. It’s almost closed and it will be barely noticeable.

What happened was that my body and the dissolvable stitches under my right breast just didn’t work out very well. The wound clinic nurse said it’s nothing anyone did wrong, but it happens sometimes. I can see that. My body doesn’t even like adhesive. I’m sensitive to lots of things. Like I said, this could have been much worse!

I have zero regrets on doing this for myself. It’s been worth the whole process to feel better in my skin. It’s truly what I hoped it would be!

As to why I had the surgery in the first place, here are photos of before and after.  I wrote an in-depth blog about my surgery here: Mommy Makeover.

And now on to the wound progression photos. I will update once it has healed completely over.

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